A good country with a variety of cultures, languages, food and more. where are forts, museums, ancient temples, royal palaces which are incredible enough to bring loads of tourists every year. Tourists come to places like - Lush green tea gardens, sandy beaches and untouched beauty of hills etc. Tourists visit any country just like bees to honey, it helps in the development of any country by leaps and bounds. The most essential thing it provides is a massive boost to the growth of the economy of the country.

Tourism has played a huge role in employing lakhs of people. It helps in getting the citizens of countries their two square meals. Already, many countries are there where poverty, the unemployment rate is quite high, Tourism brings relief to it, of people get employed by working as tourist guides, tourist drivers etc. Shopkeepers near the tourist spots also benefit a lot from the visitors.

Consequently, Tourism impacts the economic, social and cultural growth of any country. It brightens the country's prestige with glowing hopes which come from the satisfied smiles of the visitors.