While talking on Today’s Global Economy Reforming Strategy in own Country, it becomes first and far most important to understand that Industrial or Commercial success is not a task that can be achieved so easily in the current time and few years of the future too. With the recent downfall of the Country’s GDP and business volumes in the Global Market , even the Top Business leaders who earned name and fame in this field so far, have come down to face a great difficulty on their ways to success and to maintain themselves still to be on the Peak in this most challenging & competitive era. It is, therefore, a high time for them to lay their additional focus to Understand – Need of Time, Make Need Basis Strategies, Analyze all predicted Risk and then put their Courage that shows them a time-bound productive results Here Right course of various Actions at the Right Time would certainly play a vital role.

Notwithstanding the above, the Information World in every Country is more and more occupied in bringing the achievements of Political Leaders, Actors or the Sportsmen which has no connection with the Reforming of Industrial and Commercial Sectors as also the overall improvement of GDP. At the same time, Information World is keeping away the people who are working on War Level to give a new direction to the Country’s Economy. Should not our Youth who are much worried about their survival, Know about the upcoming Industrial and Commercial developments and about the people who are working standalone.

Understanding the Need of The Time in one line above, there appears a question mark on our journalists who are focusing more on the political agendas thereby overlooking these industrialists who with their all Wealth and resources, are a promising factors to improve living standard of masses and change their way of thinking. In fact, the Industrial World has a huge hand behind advancing the economy of the any country. If we have this much understanding, Should not such people become the inspiration of our Youth??? The humble answer to all these questions is Our International News Channel.