Education is the process of acquiring knowledge and skills. But there is a great difference between being educated and acting educated. This is a widely misinterpreted notion that one who has attended school or one who has degrees is educated. The truth is an educated person is someone who has the ability to apply in reality what he has learnt. This is the most important aspect of education which is lacking in the entire education system. A student is made to learn a raft of study material, but in reality he does not have any experience of what he has learnt or how to apply it in day to day life. Practical based approach is highly effective rather than theoretical based approach. After a student applies what he has learnt, he will be able to find his interest in true sense. Application increases knowledge retention and learning can be made easy, fun and interesting. It also increases engagement between teachers and students. When a student does something with his own hands, he is likely to remember it better. It also encourages self learning. Application based knowledge should be imparted right from the kindergarten. Theoretical lectures are often monotonous but if they are complemented with practical work, the learner will develop an intense interest. If what is being taught can not be applied in real life, students tend to think that such information is useless. Application will intrigue students to effectively absorb what is being taught. This is the crucial and necessary change the entire education system needs. We want to bring together international veterans of the education sector on one platform through our organization. It is our endeavor that with their help, we can set a new record in the field of education with our connected countries.